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As our transportation business has grown, we have found it necessary to augment JBC's company-owned truck fleet by leasing trucks from owner-operators and from owners of fleets.  This program has been very successful for our Leasors and for JBC.  The program is highly automated and efficient, allowing us to effectively handle a growing volume of business and the ever increasing regulatory and paperwork burdens of hazardous materials transportation.


The program is designed to relieve the owner-operator of paperwork and regulatory compliance concerns so that he can "just drive".  Fleet owners will find that most of the time-consuming aspects of truck ownership and operation are quickly handled by JBC, allowing fleet owners to concentrate on managing, rather than doing paperwork.  The need for clerical help is virtually eliminated for IFTA reporting, truck repair and fuel expense accounting, payroll and payroll tax calculations, customer invoicing and collection.  Reminders of regulatory compliance dates are automatically provided.


Fleet operators who do their own dispatching may utilize our computers and Automated Dispatching software (via the internet) to do their own dispatching and entry of load information.  You may find that with the use of this module your requirement for on-site dispatching and clerical personnel is vastly reduced.

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